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Bunting for Jules

I made this bunting as a birthday present for my friend, Jules. I used offcuts of fabric I had left over from other things I already made – reusing fabrics does not have to be ugly! (scroll to bottom of page to see a clear vid of the bunting) Before investing in new fabrics, itContinue reading “Bunting for Jules”

Piers Morgan and the Discourse on Free Speech

Here is an article I recently wrote for That’s What She Said magazine about Piers Morgan and the far-right’s co-opting of free speech and political correctness: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah has been a spectacle for the masses in these past weeks. Piers Morgan departed from Good Morning Britain in theContinue reading “Piers Morgan and the Discourse on Free Speech”

DIY Unif tie-dye top

This tee on Unif and was retailing for £45 which seemed quite expensive, so I looked into doing it myself. Tie-dying is an easy and cheap way to give once dull or plain clothes a new lease of life. You just need a plain white shirt and some tie-dye which you can find online. ThereContinue reading “DIY Unif tie-dye top”

Charity Shops, Depop and the Gentrification of Second-hand Clothing

Here is a recent article I wrote for That’s What She Said magazine about the appropriation of second-hand clothing! Charity-shopping has become increasingly popular in the past decade, especially amongst young people. This might initially seem like a good thing for the community at large: the charities involved are receiving more money, and the second-handContinue reading “Charity Shops, Depop and the Gentrification of Second-hand Clothing”

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Lansdown Road Cat

The cat on Lansdown road Sits proud atop a pillar. He is beautiful and he knows it – Stroke his fur, stroke his ego. He pounces and you take it back. I see him everyday atop that pillar And wonder if he realises the joy He brings to those who pass him by.

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